2013 Talks

02 Dec 2013

I have been meaning to link to some of the talks I have done over the past year. So here you go:

Scaling With Friends

Big Ruby 2013 - video

What started with two brothers in the McKinney Public Library is now a world wide word phenomenon on multiple mobile platforms. We’ll look at how we have grown, the mistakes we made, and the changes we have made along the way:

  • Serving millions of players a day: Stats, stats, stats!
  • Working with constraints:
    • 1 service, 6 games (and counting)
    • Native clients means backward compatibility, ftw!
  • How do I know what to fix?
  • Instrumenting and reporting on everything Where is the data?
  • Using the database, memcache, Redis to the fullest
  • What we did wrong? What we did right? What would we do differently?

Mobile Omakase

Dallas.rb - slides

Mobile development is complicated. To be a successful soloist, you must start with the simplest possible tools that will allow you to complete the task at hand. Using Grape makes building APIs for web services simple and is tailored for creating web APIs in Ruby. RubyMotion takes the ceremony out of building iOS applications with Obj-C and lets you focus on building out the app in a language you love.

We will take a look at both of these tools, discuss the benefits, challenges, and ways to improve (and shorten) our development lifecyle with things like specs (for client and server), API documentation via fdoc, and incorporating existing Obj-C libraries with Cocoapods.

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