I Don't Know Shoes (and now I have proof)

12 Jan 2008
Nobody Knows Shoes
Last night I recieved my very own copy of "Nobody Knows Shoes" by why the lucky stiff. Shoes, in case you are wondering, is a small framework for writing GUI applications that can run on multiple OS's (Windows, Mac, Linux). "Nobody Knows Shoes" is the API documentation for the framework presented in the form of... well... comic book/ short stories/ examples... and that doesn't even do it justice. I played around with Shoes and decided to get the book to see what it was all about. It is well worth the cost (less than $15, including shipping), if not for the pure entertainment value. It is also a good reference, as well. If you haven't experienced why or any of his code, you should definitely take a look. You will be entertained and enlightened.
Ruby Shoes

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