Ahhhh.... Room To Move

09 Nov 2007
I got a Dell 2007WFP Ultrasharp 20" LCD monitor this week using BINalert.com. First, about the monitor and setup. It is a great monitor, nice and bright! My friend, Matt, encouraged me to spend a little more and get the Ultrasharp. I am glad I did (although I didn't pay much more, see below). I REALLY love the portrait mode. In the picture I have Mailplane, Pyro, Skype, and Twitterific all stacked nicely. And it doesn't feel crowded. I use VirtueDesktops and keep all my work on the another virtual desktop. On the "work" desktop I put Textmate and can see lots of lines of code. Plus I still have room to keep open console windows at the bottom to see autotest results, server logs, etc. My browser can stay open on the laptop for easy inspection of whatever I am developing. Desktop Now about BINalert.com. (Disclosure: I built this site with a friend and I do make money with it.) BINalert lets you setup up alerts so you can get notifications on new Buy-It-Now auctions on eBay. There are lots of items listed with Buy-It-Now prices that are REALLY good deals. For example, this monitor. I setup an alert to watch for Dell 2007WFP Ultrasharp monitors with a Buy-It-Now price of $250 or less. As soon as this one was listed, I got an email letting me know. I went and checked it out (it was used but in great condition), and a week later I have my new monitor (or at least it's new to me). And I saved about $150 in the process.

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