Ping Pong at the Dallas.rb

08 Nov 2007
ping pong
photo by chick_e_pooo

Last night, Adam Keys and I did a little ping pong pairing for the Dallas.rb meeting. It was fun. Of course it highlighted how much I have to jump back to the Ruby docs to get much done. But I don't see that as a problem, since it leaves more room in my head for other things. It also showed my lack of regex-fu. Here is the code we worked on. We were trying to solve the Ruby Quiz Credit Card problem, and got most of the way through. The fun part about pairing was bouncing ideas off of each other. Others in attendance were also helpful with their suggestions. It was especially interesting as we looked back over the code and discussed even more ways to clean it up. Would I do it again? You bet. But I think next time, I would like to work on something that I am more comfortable with, like a Rails related app. I love writing specs for that.

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