Why Firefox Rocks For Web Development

08 May 2007
Because my friend Matt was so impressed with a Firefox extension I showed him, I thought I would share some of my other favorites.
Wild West Railroad
photo by longhorndave

What Extensions I Am Using Right Now

  • Web Developer Toolbar - Just about everything you could want to do HTML and CSS, plus I can edit AND save the CSS changes I was playing around with.
  • Firebug - So much goodness. Especially debugging JavaScript and looking over AJAX requests and responses.
  • View Source Chart - Makes looking at HTML source bearable.
  • ColorZilla - a color picker for pulling colors off of web pages.
  • HTMLValidator - because it is too easy to miss a closing tag somewhere that messes everything up.
  • DummyLipsum - when you need some filler content.
  • SeleniumIDE - great little utility for helping to write Selenium tests for functional testing.
Big Thunder Mountain
photo by meshmar2

Not to mention

Got a favorite? I'd like to hear about it.

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